The saga has begun...

you have entered the kingdom  ..."Are You Strong Enough?"  TM


Character Quote:

"I have done everything to try to forget you. I have tried to hate you, pity you, despise you and regret you...but it is of no use...for...
the more I think of you, the deeper my love for you tattoos itself onto my heart."  (Nixie)


"You are nothing short...of my everything" (Mortal)


"Hold onto that...what you know to be true.  Love who you be a part of your soul.  Let their beauty lie within your own perception...even if it is not within that of others. Are you strong enough?" (The Snow Queen to her infant...)


" Undying Love:  Young love is a flame ...tender, careful, fierce, but still only a striving ember.
The love of a precocious, more regimented heart is like that of the sultry coals, deep-burning, and impossible to suppress or destroy." (Salamander)







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Misc & Personal Notes:

To all who have emailed with praise....THANK YOU!!











Quote Of The Moment

"Never regret something that makes you smile"...





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